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Health is not just important, it’s EVERYTHING

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our health is the single determiner of our life!  

Not the size of our bank account,  

Not the power of our Job,  

Not the size of our house or make of our car (no house can be big enough for 4 months of lockdown!) 

But the state of our physical, and mental health. 

For years, the Marlow Club have been led by the vision that ‘the greatest wealth is health’. 

 This is what drives every decision that we make, from our employee wellness, member experience to the investment in our facilities and the reason we promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle to our community, focusing on much more than just their physical health.  

So when thinking about health, along with exercise and nutrition, take into consideration; sleep, rest & recovery, stress management & movement. All fundamental factors to optimise lifelong health.  

So are you getting enough sleep? 

Are you allowing your body to recover? 

Are you managing with your daily stressors? 

Are you moving enough each day? 

Are you enjoying exercise? 

And are you balancing your diet? 

Is it time for you to invest in your health?  

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