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Getting fit and healthy remains one of the top New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s list, but while no-one plans to fail at getting fit, many fail to plan a fitness programme that is achievable, trackable and most importantly – keeps them motivated. That’s why we are excited to launch our brand new ‘Made To Measure Programme’ that is personally tailored, fits around your lifestyle, is so easy to track and offers ongoing support and motivation throughout membership at The Marlow Club.

Our Made To Measure programme starts with a Lifestyle Assessment and a unique Body Composition Analysis which uses Boditrax precision technology to get to know your body like never before. This quick, non-evasive test using the world’s leading system, provides you with 20 body metrics such as muscle mass, fat percentage, bone density, hydration levels, BMR score, body type and much more. This is a great starting point for tracking your fitness progress and the changes to your body over time. From there the exercise begins and you can start to you enjoy a fitter, more in shape you!

Quote from Ash Wright

Ash Wright Personal Trainer at The Marlow Club, says:

“Our aim at The Marlow Club is to get you results. Based on the Boditrax data, our team creates a bespoke health and fitness programme just for you. In addition to tailored advice regarding general lifestyle, the team also prescribes an exercise plan to suit your activity preferences. Whether you prefer the social aspect of group exercise, training in a gym or swimming, we can develop a made to measure plan which you will find motivating and, most importantly gain results.

After a fitness programme has been agreed, we advise you to check in with one of our trainers every 4-6 weeks to run through a new Boditrax body composition assessment to measure the health effects of your training effort.”


Made To Measure Programme

1. Health Check & Lifestyle Assessment – 60 minutes

Includes a Boditrax body composition analysis to discover up to 20 body metrics plus a health questionnaire and in-depth lifestyle review; looking at your goals, work, life and sleep pattern, exercise and eating habits.

2. Made To Measure Fitness Induction – 60 minutes

 The fitness team will train you in your made to measure fitness programme designed around your ability, your limitations and your goal. The aim is to ensure that you are able and confident to complete it on your own. This may include a range of health club activities including classes, gym programme, HIIT training, swimming, spinning, Yoga and more!

3. Enhancer: Boost Session 30 – 60 minutes

Gain extra fitness advantage with a 1-2-1 trainer session free of charge. Try something you haven’t before, and choose from boxing, TRX training, kettlebell, or even try the Wattbike to learn the different tests and workouts you can take yourself through to mix things up this year.

4. Enhancer: Masterclass 30 – 60 minutes

Learn from some of the best trainers to fine-tune your technique for best results. We have the option to have a personalised HIIT session to maximise fat burning, the ‘Big 4 Compound’ session to up your strength or give 60 minutes of specialised Body Building programming a go for some serious hypertrophy burn.

5. Enhancer: Motivator Session 30 – 60 minutes

 Keep motivated by trying something new and a workout session with a trainer. Especially in the New Year, you want to feel as though you are creating habits that last and one way to stay motivated is by understanding your training style or programme more. We have many different forms of analysis and reviews that ensure you are keeping to your progress, such as the Lifestyle Review or Sports Specific Conditioning if you have a specific sport in mind.

6. Result Tracker & Re-Programme – 60 minutes

A session with a fitness trainer to map your progress from day one and re-set your programme to keep achieving. This session is available whenever you feel you need it.

This is available to new and existing members and is just as beneficial to both. We recognise that keeping motivated with fitness over a longer period of time can be challenging. Our new Enhancer Sessions are designed to help keep you on track for longer.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programme and would like a tour of the club click here, we’d love to invite you down.