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We all try and fit some cardio into our weekly routine, even if we aren’t a massive fan. A lot of the time cardio can be quite tedious, especially if it’s the same old treadmill stint or pedal on the bike. So if we can find something that is fun to do AND gets us sweating, it’s a win, win!

We give you, boxing for fitness!

Now we don’t mean getting into a ring and doing 12 rounds with a heavyweight boxer. However, whether it’s with a partner or solo with a punching bag; getting on some gloves and having a hit out is a brilliant cardio alternative if you aren’t up for a run on the treadmill.

Boxing provides you with a full body workout. It’s a great way to build your stamina, boost your cardiovascular system as well as working your entire body, balance and core! Boxing is great for all abilities and fitness levels. You can work as hard and as fast as you like, or slow it down, work on technique and hand-eye coordination.

What’s on offer?

  1. At the club we’ve got a designated area in the Insideout with gloves, pads and punching bags. Whether you want to take on a bag or do a session with a friend, we’ve got the gear for you. The gym team’s pad-work enhancer is great for those who want to practise some technique work, combinations and drills before going on to a bag. Email the gym team: to book yours.
  2. We are bringing back two classes onto the timetable, Boxfit and Cardio Box. Both are heavily based around pad work drills, boxing combinations and short bursts of high intensity cardio. These sessions are a great way to get an energetic workout in whilst learning new skills at the same time. Boxfit will be with Hayley on Wednesdays at 7pm. Cardio Box will be with Mel on Mondays at 12:50pm!
  3. Danny Maka is our in-house personal trainer who specialises in boxing. Danny’s sessions focus on core strength, fitness and boxing skills and are great for all levels of fitness and ability. Danny is currently offering a free session with him as an introduction into the training style. All you need to do is ask at reception and fill in an enquiry card to get booked in!

Click here to check out Danny’s website for more information!