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Check out The Marlow Club’s top nutrition tips for six pack abs! Achieving six pack abs is a very committed process that requires a strict diet and exercise regime. However if you tidy up your diet and start focusing on some core movements in the months leading up to the summer you will see some changes in the appearance of your stomach and waist line.

We all know the saying that abs are made in the kitchen. Even if we exercise our core on a daily basis, if we aren’t eating in nutritional, consistent calorie deficit our abs won’t show through.

Tips for six pack abs

Consistent calorie deficit!

If we want to lose body fat, we need to be consuming less calories than we are burning on a daily basis. If you’re not sure on the calories you should be eating, try one of the many calorie calculators online (IIFYM is a pretty good one).

Don’t eat too little.

When you calculate your calorie intake which maintains your current weight, a deficit of 10-15% will be adequate to lose body fat. If after a month you don’t see much change, keep with it, maybe knock off another 5% and see how that fairs.

High protein is always a winner.

Ensuring a high protein intake whilst in a calorie deficit will definitely help you towards the goals you want. Taking in protein will contribute to the recovery of your body post exercise. It will boost your metabolism and reduce hunger levels whilst increasing the calories we burn through the thermic effect of food (TEF). Basically we burn more of the calories from protein whilst it’s being digested!

Drink plenty of water!

Hydration is a key factor to our diet. It helps boost our metabolism, keep us feeling fuller for longer and also contributes to reduce bloating.

Max out on veg!

Vegetables are brilliant to pack out your protein source, full of nutrients but shy on the calorie side. Think about volume to prevent food craving. Always try and go for something that’ll fill you up but not dent your calorie intake too much during the day.

Remember you don’t need a new diet, you already have one, you just need to make some adjustments! To help you make the right food choices we have colour coded each item of food on The Marlow Club’s lounge menu. Each coloured square relates to a particular goal. For example, if you are looking to lose fat, select foods which have a red square next to them, as these foods are shown to increase fat loss. Don’t forget that food is available to eat in or take away making it easy for you to eat healthy on the go!

If you would like to sharpen up your current diet and eating plan, why not meet with The Marlow Club’s Fitness and Nutrition Manager Ash Wright? Drop him an email at to book your appointment. We hope you liked our nutrition tips for six pack abs. If you missed our Blog on top exercises for six pack abs click here.

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Check out our top tips for six pack abs for losing weight and tightening up that stomach seems to be the goal for everyone at the moment.

One of our top fitness trainer’s has put together some top tips of exercises to help get those six pack abs showing!

Try out each exercise, starting off with 3 sets of 8-10 reps with about 30 seconds rest in between each set.

Comfortable? therefore increase the number of reps and/or incorporate a pause and squeeze into the movement!

Top Tips To Six Pack Abs

1. Sit up

Focus on keeping your feet planted, pulling your shoulders towards your hips.


2. Plank to press up

Try to keep your shoulders, hips and knees in line through the whole movement, don’t let that back arch!


3. Sit up with reach

Sit ups too easy? Extend upwards at the seated position, try not to use any momentum! Don’t cheat!


4. Reverse crunch

Hit those lower abs, keep your lower back flat to the floor, pull those hips off the ground at the top of the movement!



These are great exercises to add to your gym workout and what’s even better is that if you can’t make it to the gym one day you can still do these at home!

If you’d like to incorporate even more Ab exercises into your gym routine or are unsure about how to perform these exercises please speak to a member of the fitness team. Keep a look out for next week’s blog – nutrition tips for six pack Abs.

Avoid the work weight gain

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Work weight gain can be difficult if your daily working routine is predominantly desk based. Our level of activity on a weekly basis therefore tends to be relatively low. We might be able to make it to the gym some days but often end up being too busy or too tired. Diet and exercise is key to our weight management, however our working environment can sometimes mean we have to pay extra care to what we’re putting in our body! The Marlow Club’s fitness and nutrition advisers have put together some tips to avoid the work weight gain!

5 Top Tips To Avoid Work Weight Gain!

  1. Be Prepared!

One of the main reasons why we eat poorly at work comes down to not preparing enough food for the day. This means we end up in the café with some serious hunger cravings, making it very hard to make good food choices!

We’re not saying you’ve got to have every meal covered Monday to Friday. Maybe for 3 or 4 days you bring your own lunch in that’s got a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats along with some low calorie snacks. This will help get you through those hunger cravings during the day.

  1. Pay attention to your Hydration

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water! A lot of the time when we start getting hungry it’s actually because we’re dehydrated! Always have a glass of water or a bottle with you and sip it throughout the day. Be careful you don’t drink too many calories. Be wary of the sugars and calories in certain drinks and coffees.

  1. Minimise Stress levels

Work can get pretty stressful at times with deadlines and projects. Increased stress levels can lead to levels of the hormone Cortisol rising which has been found to trigger sugar cravings. There are many ways to reduce stress; getting a good nights’ sleep, enjoying an invigorating gym workout or any physical activity or certain relaxation exercises, try these to avoid the stress snacking!

  1. Get Active

One of the best additions to your working day is getting active. Not only does it get your heart rate up and you burn more calories, it will energise you and help you through the rest of your day! Anything from a short walk around the office block to getting a quick lunch time gym session will relieve stress and make you feel better. It also keeps you out of the office café which never tends to end well!  Check out The Marlow Club’s 30 minute HIIT classes for those that live or work locally and are short on time.

  1. Take The Stairs

Next time you have a meeting with a colleague on a different floor – try taking the stairs. As well as giving you the chance to stretch your legs, walking up the stairs will get your heart rate going and your energy levels will enjoy a healthy boost as well.

Remember, changes to your body don’t happen overnight. Good or bad, changes develop over time as a result of the choices you make on a daily basis. Focus on the small changes each day, like what you’re choosing for lunch, the bigger picture will handle itself! The Marlow Club supports local businesses with a variety of corporate health, fitness and nutrition packages. Please get in touch with if you would like more information on what we can offer. We understand the importance of diet in living a balanced lifestyle and offer our members a nutrition service to support their exercise programme.


Inside Training Outside

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Although ‘the beast from the east’ extended our chilly winter all the way into the early days of March, those chilly winds seem to be a thing of the past. The temperature is on the rise and it seems to be getting lighter by the day, it’s no wonder that our Inside Out fitness classes have been growing in popularity.

Maximise that feel good factor from your workout and take your exercise session outside. Not only are you getting a great workout, you’re benefiting from the fresh air and (fingers crossed) some sunny weather to really boost those endorphins. If you can’t make one of our gym team’s HIIT based circuit classes, don’t worry! Our gym staff will be adding new workouts to our display boards to keep you topped up with great ideas to add to your workouts every day. Training in our outdoor functional fitness zone (Inside Out) also means you’ve got the extra space and equipment making training with a partner a lot easier than in the gym when it gets busy!

We asked Lewis, one of our gym staff what his favourite HIIT workout is and why he thinks everyone should try and get inside out!

“I’d have to say my favourite HIIT workout would be the descending pyramid, you start off with 10 reps of a circuit of exercises and each round knock off a rep all the way down to 1 rep of each. It’s the mentality of it, starting off difficult and getting easier as each round finishes. The Inside Out classes allows for plenty of variation for your training with the space and different equipment available to keep it fresh“- Lewis Goodman, gym staff.

If you’re looking to mix up your weekly workout routine, jump in on one of our 7am morning HIIT class before work or the 12pm lunch time circuit classes, we know you won’t regret it! Take a look at our timetable for information.

Partner Work Out

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When it comes to trying to enhance your workout experience, there aren’t many better additions to a workout that will turn it from a good workout into a great workout, unlike training with a partner.  Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should train with a partner in 2018!


  1. Partner Motivation

One of the most important aspects of any fitness regime is to stay motivated throughout! We all have low moments in our fitness training and miss the odd day or two, it’s okay to give yourself a break. However, when you’ve got someone to turn up for and also someone to rely on, you’re more likely to attend those 50/50 sessions. Encourage each other through every workout, it’ll become easy once you’re in that routine.

  1. Healthy competition is good competition!

Having someone who on a daily basis is going to push you to achieve your best is going to be a good addition to your training. Find someone who has similar goals to you and who will keep you on your toes. Keep your fitness fun and keep it safe, enjoy pushing each other!

  1. Form Check

Most gyms have mirrors that help you correct and focus on your form, however looking at yourself whilst doing a movement, might not be helping your form in the first place! Having a partner will allow you to focus on the movement and let your partner assess your form. Give each other pointers and areas to focus on. Having a partner is also great for safety too. If you’re lifting weights slightly heavier than normal, have your partner spot you during the movement to prevent you from getting stuck or hurting yourself!

  1. Keep it fresh!

A training partner will bring in loads of new ideas and exercises for you to try out. You might end up doing something you’ve never done before, or some exercises you don’t like doing normally! Either way, this will help prevent you from getting too comfortable within a gym programme and prevent plateauing during your workouts.

  1. Up the tempo!

We can all be guilty of taking to larger breaks between our working sets or exercise, going onto our phones, catching our breath! Whilst training with a partner it’s much easier to up the tempo. You rest whilst they work, work simultaneously during a circuit. This will help as it starts to get harder!


The Marlow Club is a really friendly health club to workout and we enjoy lots of social member events. If you’re looking for a workout buddy, come along and I’m sure we’ll be able to pair you up with someone to help keep you motivated.

Smiling Motivated Gym Couple

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Are you still motivated? If you’ve made it to the end of January with your new year’s fitness resolutions still intact, you’re doing well! It’s estimated that almost 50% of us break our new year’s resolutions within only a month of starting it! Now that would be a waste of all that hard work and strong intentions you started with. If your motivation to exercise is dwindling or you haven’t seen the results you’ve wanted so far, here are some top fitness tips to keep you on the right track!

  1. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself!

If you’ve worked hard all week, eating well and training hard, when it gets to the weekend, don’t stop altogether and binge all weekend. Reward yourself for your hard work during the week with one of your favourite treats whatever that might be. Don’t let that hard work go to waste. Just remember it’s okay to enjoy yourself a little bit, just not a lot!

  1. Be patient! Change won’t happen overnight!

It must be one of the biggest reasons why people stop exercising and eating healthy, they don’t see the results they want straight away. The time it takes for body shape to change, through either gaining muscle or losing fat, is different for every individual. You might not see the results as soon as you hoped, but if you carry on what you’re doing, you will see results. It’s always worth assessing your diet and exercise regime every 8-12 weeks to prevent becoming complacent and reducing those last few unwanted inches!

  1. Stay off the scales!

Weighing yourself on a regular basis to keep track of your journey isn’t the best measure of progress. Your weight will fluctuate on a daily basis due to many different factors; you will be lighter in the morning, heavier after meals, lighter when dehydrated and even lighter after the toilet! Focus more on how you feel on a daily basis, how much energy you have, how you look in the mirror, are you happy? Those changes are the ones that count the most. One piece of advice if you do decide to weigh yourself is to be consistent. Weigh yourself the same time during the day, the morning when you wake up is usually best and make sure you’re using the same scales.

  1. Set reasonable goals from now on.

One fault people make is they set unachievable bigger goals, usually expecting too much, too soon.

The best way to stay on top of your progress is to set small goals within short time frames. For example, instead of setting the goal to lose 2 stone before March (which is a lot!) break that down, aim to lose a 1lb  or two every two weeks. Making smaller goals with smaller changes will help to keep you motivated; the bigger changes will sort themselves out.

  1. Keep your exercise programme varied.

We encourage our gym members to make use of all of the club facilities including swimming pool, squash courts, spinning, classes, gym and our functional training zone. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes it’s good to mix things up! Not only does it get you exercising different muscles groups it also helps to keep you motivated.

  1. Get involved in a gym challenge for extra motivation.

This gives you another focus and brings a bit of fun into working out. Ask our gym team about our latest fitness challenge and how you can get involved.

  1. Find a motivated friend to workout with.

Getting to the gym is easier when you have set an appointment to meet a friend there – you wouldn’t want to let them down! You’ll also have more fun, have someone to chat to and share your progress with.


If’ you need some extra motivation please ask The Marlow Club Fitness Team all about our brand new Gym Enhancer sessions which are free to members. These are 1-2-1 sessions that complement your programme and help you achieve your results quicker.

Achieve Fitness Results

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Getting fit and healthy remains one of the top New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s list, but while no-one plans to fail at getting fit, many fail to plan a fitness programme that is achievable, trackable and most importantly – keeps them motivated. That’s why we are excited to launch our brand new ‘Made To Measure Programme’ that is personally tailored, fits around your lifestyle, is so easy to track and offers ongoing support and motivation throughout membership at The Marlow Club.

Our Made To Measure programme starts with a Lifestyle Assessment and a unique Body Composition Analysis which uses Boditrax precision technology to get to know your body like never before. This quick, non-evasive test using the world’s leading system, provides you with 20 body metrics such as muscle mass, fat percentage, bone density, hydration levels, BMR score, body type and much more. This is a great starting point for tracking your fitness progress and the changes to your body over time. From there the exercise begins and you can start to you enjoy a fitter, more in shape you!

Quote from Ash Wright

Ash Wright Personal Trainer at The Marlow Club, says:

“Our aim at The Marlow Club is to get you results. Based on the Boditrax data, our team creates a bespoke health and fitness programme just for you. In addition to tailored advice regarding general lifestyle, the team also prescribes an exercise plan to suit your activity preferences. Whether you prefer the social aspect of group exercise, training in a gym or swimming, we can develop a made to measure plan which you will find motivating and, most importantly gain results.

After a fitness programme has been agreed, we advise you to check in with one of our trainers every 4-6 weeks to run through a new Boditrax body composition assessment to measure the health effects of your training effort.”


Made To Measure Programme

1. Health Check & Lifestyle Assessment – 60 minutes

Includes a Boditrax body composition analysis to discover up to 20 body metrics plus a health questionnaire and in-depth lifestyle review; looking at your goals, work, life and sleep pattern, exercise and eating habits.

2. Made To Measure Fitness Induction – 60 minutes

 The fitness team will train you in your made to measure fitness programme designed around your ability, your limitations and your goal. The aim is to ensure that you are able and confident to complete it on your own. This may include a range of health club activities including classes, gym programme, HIIT training, swimming, spinning, Yoga and more!

3. Enhancer: Boost Session 30 – 60 minutes

Gain extra fitness advantage with a 1-2-1 trainer session free of charge. Try something you haven’t before, and choose from boxing, TRX training, kettlebell, or even try the Wattbike to learn the different tests and workouts you can take yourself through to mix things up this year.

4. Enhancer: Masterclass 30 – 60 minutes

Learn from some of the best trainers to fine-tune your technique for best results. We have the option to have a personalised HIIT session to maximise fat burning, the ‘Big 4 Compound’ session to up your strength or give 60 minutes of specialised Body Building programming a go for some serious hypertrophy burn.

5. Enhancer: Motivator Session 30 – 60 minutes

 Keep motivated by trying something new and a workout session with a trainer. Especially in the New Year, you want to feel as though you are creating habits that last and one way to stay motivated is by understanding your training style or programme more. We have many different forms of analysis and reviews that ensure you are keeping to your progress, such as the Lifestyle Review or Sports Specific Conditioning if you have a specific sport in mind.

6. Result Tracker & Re-Programme – 60 minutes

A session with a fitness trainer to map your progress from day one and re-set your programme to keep achieving. This session is available whenever you feel you need it.

This is available to new and existing members and is just as beneficial to both. We recognise that keeping motivated with fitness over a longer period of time can be challenging. Our new Enhancer Sessions are designed to help keep you on track for longer.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programme and would like a tour of the club click here, we’d love to invite you down.

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2017 was a great year for health and fitness trends across the UK. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) took over the fitness world. With its many variations and brilliant adaptability, HIIT showed everyone getting fit and losing weight doesn’t take hours in the gym or requires loads of fancy equipment. HIIT also increased the number of group training and box fit sessions, focusing on those fast tempo bursts of physical activity, getting that heart rate up high. In conjunction with HIIT, the inclusion of functional fitness was also a popular choice. Incorporating ‘real world’ movements, emphasising core stability and mobility to aid everyday tasks and injury prevention. The American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) predict the trends for the upcoming year and 2018 has got some new and exciting ones along with some of the biggest ones from 2017. Along with the ASCM suggested trends, we have thought up a couple for ourselves!


Similar to 2017 trends, HIIT is going to carry on its popularity into 2018. Allowing large groups of gym and class goers to get hard workouts done in short, sharp sessions. HIIT is just as good as steady state cardio for burning calories, as long as you work as hard as possible during those short bursts!

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is another big trend that has been growing in popularity over the years. Gadgets such as Fitbits, smart watches and GPS trackers seem to be on everyone’s wrists at the moment, counting steps, calories, sleep patterns as well what seem to be endless other bits of information. All this tech is great for motivation, allowing you to keep track of all that hard work. If you’re a regular user, make sure you are hitting your goals each day, 10,000 steps each day is what’s recommended each day, yes, each day! That’s a good bench mark for anyone starting out too!

Yoga and Pilates

Health and fitness is not just about how fast you can run 5k. It also comes down to your wellness and psychological state. Holistic classes such as Yoga and Pilates are very a popular trend. Focusing on specific movements, holds and breathing to enhance health and increase relaxation. Let’s aim for a stress free (or minimal!) 2018!

Personal Trainers

One of the biggest factors in succeeding with your fitness goals is staying motivated for a prolonged period of time, not letting yourself slow down or give up when it gets tough. Sometimes we all need that extra push to help keep us on track! That’s why the use of personal trainers and experienced fitness professionals are looking to be used in a big way in 2018. If you know you get to the same point each year and end up just losing focus on your goals, invest in yourself and get someone to help you along the way. Another great way to stay motivated is to train with someone, find yourself a buddy or a group and work with each other for guidance and motivation.

Strength Training

The last big trend for 2018 is that more people are getting off the treadmills and are finding themselves working out in the weights room! Strength training is an essential component to any fitness programme. Lots of people go to the gym and tend to focus their workouts on cardio and mobility, which is great, however recently the focus is shifting towards including a far greater emphasis on the use of weights and strength training. The biggest increase in the use of strength training has been seen in women who no longer fear the weights room! For women, and increased muscle mass won’t end up making you look all bulky, it’s a win win all round. Muscle tissue burns more calories than other tissue, so increasing your muscle mass results in increasing your BMR, meaning you need to eat more! Putting on some muscle mass will also make you look more defined, it’ll pay off when you look in the mirror! Don’t worry about the scales on this one, muscle weighs more than fat. If you’re eating right (in a calorie surplus) and training right, you will gain muscle and lose fat!

Yet whatever the trend may be in 2018, the most important thing for you if you haven’t already is to just get started, get moving and get active! From that start point you’ll find what activities suit you the best and get you moving towards your goals. The Marlow Club offers tailor made programmes to suit you, helping you get the most out of your fitness journey. Come check out the club and see how we can make your 2018 the best year yet!

Who knows, you might end up starting your own trend?

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Ski season is coming!

The leaves have fallen, the temperature has dropped and we’re ready to crack out the woolly jumpers. However most of us have caught on by now that all this cold weather isn’t worth it unless it ends with that  yearly desired ‘White Christmas’, which probably hasn’t happened since Bing Crosby sang about it. This explains the yearly rise in ski holidays being purchased by those living in the UK with all of us running away to the white slopes somewhere further afield, with our hopes set on getting bluebird days.

The preparation for a ski season adventure doesn’t stop at saving up your pennies. It’s super important that you are physically prepared to tackle those tree lined runs, mogul fields or for when you finally attempt a black run.

Feel fitter on the slopes for a great ski experience and prevent any nasty injuries that might occur from fatigue.

Top 5 Ski Fit Exercises

  1. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls

The Swiss Ball hamstring curl is predominantly an exercise for the hamstrings; however it is a great exercise for challenging your core stability too. Improving your core stability will help the body recover quickly when knocked off balance, whether by a lumpy bit of snow or an icy patch.

1. Lie in front of the ball and position the ball so that when your legs are extended and your ankles are on top of the ball. This will be your starting position.
2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight as you pull the ball towards your bottom.

Do 8 to 10 repetitions for 3 sets with a 30 seconds rest between sets. When this gets too easy, double the resistance by lifting one leg off the ball and pull the ball in with one leg at a time


  1. Russian Twists

Russian Twists are a great exercise for developing endurance and dynamic core strength with a stronger focus on your obliques. They also help you improve your rotational separation control which is paramount whilst skiing.

You will need a weight for this exercise which can be as simple as a partially filled 5 litre water bottle, or a suitable size dumbbell, kettle bell or medicine ball.

Ski Fit - Russian Twist 3 Ski Fit - Russian Twist 2 Ski Fit - Russian Twists 1

Start with a 30 second set of rotations and build on this with increases in the weight, increasing the speed of the rotations and the duration of the set.


  1. Front Foot Elevated Lunges

The front foot elevated lunge is so important for skiing and snowboarding as it improves knee stability through the direct recruitment of the vastus medialis, one of the four quadriceps muscles which is the large muscle group on the front of your upper thigh. Skiing and snowboarding places heavy demands on the structure of your knee and the less your knee deviates from its neutral position, the less likely you are to get injured.

Ski Fit - Romanian Deadlifts 1Ski Fit - Romanian Deadlifts

1. Make sure your knees are aligned over your toes when performing the lunge.
2. Make sure your front heel stays in contact with the floor at all times.

Aim to perform 2-3 sets of 12 reps on each leg. You can do the exercise with weights as demonstrated in the images or as a bodyweight exercise.


  1. Romanian Deadlifts

The RDL is a fantastic exercise for developing strength in our posterior chain which consists of the hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles. These muscles are crucial to skiing as good skiing posture includes a flexed position leaning forward from the hip joint. Increased hamstring strength is really important in preventing ACL injury due to the muscles ability to help stabilise the knee joint.

Ski Fit - Front Foot Elevated Lunges 1Ski Fit - Front Foot Elevated Lunges 2

1) Keep both legs as straight as possible without locking out the knee joint.
2) Hold your stomach muscles tight to maintain good posture throughout while not letting the back curve.
3) Move the hips back as you flex through the hips.

Perform 2-3 sets of 12 reps for the Romanian Deadlift or 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps on each leg for a single leg Romanian Deadlift. Each exercise can be performed with weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell or with your body weight.


  1. Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is just as important as muscular strength whilst out on the slopes. An improved aerobic capacity will help prevent you ski for longer and will help avoid burning out on your ski days. Any form of cardio will be beneficial to you when skiing; however we suggest selecting a form of cardio that will also improve muscular endurance through some added resistance. Equipment such as the Stair Master, Versa-Climber or even one of our brilliant spin classes.

If you have any questions regarding any of these exercises, grab one of the gym staff this ski season, they will be happy to help!


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The Marlow Club in Fieldhouse Lane, Globe Business Park, has announced exciting plans in the redevelopment of its facilities, securing The Club’s position as the regions number one destination for health, fitness and general wellbeing.

The plans, which were submitted this week to Wycombe District Council, include the creation of a high end, dedicated Yoga and Pilates studio. In addition to a wide range of mat Yoga sessions from Ashtanga to Hatha and Vinyasa to Chakra, the new facility will also offer Reformer Pilates.

This celebrity favoured discipline uses specialist equipment to generate resistance via an intricate pulley system, great for improving core strength and all over muscle definition. Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, Madonna, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are all fans of Reformer Pilates. When the studio opens, the residents of Marlow will have an opportunity to work out like Hollywood stars in a beautiful, bespoke setting which oozes peace and tranquillity, located right in the heart of Globe Park.

Jon Williams, Chief Operating Officer at The Marlow Club, says; “The addition of this purpose built Yoga and Pilates studio will create a facility unlike anything else on offer in the Southern Counties. The studio will have its own dedicated reception space, enabling members to gather and wait in comfort before the start of their class. We will also be offering a new membership category for those who only wish to make use of this part of our Club. The studio will offer a full programme of classes, throughout the day and evenings, seven days a week, to ensure accessibility to as many people as possible”.

The renovated club will also offer members and non-members a new lounge and restaurant, providing the perfect place to chill out and socialise. The new, seasonal menu, featuring locally sourced produce, will be supported by a dedicated juice and protein bar. Add to this free connectivity to high speed broadband and the lounge is set to provide the perfect relaxation and social environment for members and Globe Park businesses alike.

Under the new plans, the ladies’ changing rooms will be significantly extended and refurbished to including a range of luxury hair styling equipment such as dryers and straighteners to create a pamper experience on every visit.

Car parking needs will be catered for by a new two-tier car park located directly opposite The Club which is currently within the planning phase.

Jon Williams concludes: “To ensure the club continues to meet the evolving needs of the membership, we have always placed importance on regular investment but this next phase of development will move the Club to a new level of prestige. We have been planning major works for some time and it is really exciting to have finally submitted plans.”

Assuming plans are approved, redevelopment work is expected to start in April 2018.  The Club will remain open throughout.

Images shown above are examples of the facilities / activities that will be provided once the development works have completed – Actual plans and concept drawings will follow mid January 2018