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Importance of Staying Active Whilst Under Lock Down.

Why is it so important to stay active whilst under lockdown? Lock down is crucial to minimise the spread of the Corona Virus, but you might be wondering what impact will it have on your health and well being? You will be relieved to know that here at The Marlow Club and Pila Yoga, we take… Read more »

Reasons To Exercise During Pregnancy

There’s often a lack of clarity when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. Information can be out-dated and at times, conflicting. What we now know if that often, exercising during pregnancy can be advisable. While you should always seek a professional and personal recommendation from a medical professional before exercising, the majority of mums-to-be will… Read more »

What to expect when you’re expecting!

Many women can be very unsure what sort of exercise they can do while they’re pregnant; or, if they should exercise at all during pregnancy. There seems to be lots of contradictory and out-dated advice available which can be difficult to sift through.The good news is, exercising safely while pregnant has a number of benefits… Read more »

The Marlow Club’s top 3 reasons why you should try Pilates!

Most of us have heard about Pilates, but how many of us actually know what it is and why it’s so good for us? Through a series of precise & controlled exercises; Pilates offers a full body workout with the goal to improve core strength, flexibility and posture. Classes embed a connection between the mind… Read more »

Are you fighting fit?

We all try and fit some cardio into our weekly routine, even if we aren’t a massive fan. A lot of the time cardio can be quite tedious, especially if it’s the same old treadmill stint or pedal on the bike. So if we can find something that is fun to do AND gets us sweating,… Read more »

How to Stay Healthy on Holiday!

Going on holiday is the best time to relax and unwind, especially in our busy lives, so make the most of it and chill out! A lot of us take advantage of a holiday to show off the hard work we’ve put in during the months leading up to the couple of weeks away. So… Read more »

How personal is your training?


At The Marlow Club, we aim to ensure every member receives everything necessary to achieve their goals during their time with us! Our gym team offer an exclusively personal, made to measure programme for members to utilise whilst using the club’s facilities. Alongside the gym team, we have put together the finest team of trainers… Read more »

Weight Training vs Cardio – Which is best for fat loss?

Outdoor fitness area at The Marlow Club as part of the Fitness Fest weekend

With many of us working long, busy days, when we make time to get down to the gym, we want to make sure we are optimising our time and getting the most out of our training. Should we spend our time lifting in the weights room or stick to the cardio equipment for that big sweat?… Read more »

7 Ways to stay motivated on your fitness journey!

Partner Work Out

Isn’t it just crazy how we’re almost half way through the year?! A lot of us tend to start our health kicks at the beginning of the year or just before we decide to go away on holiday for obvious reasons. But there is never a bad time to try and change a lifestyle, whatever… Read more »

Nutrition Tips For Six Pack Abs

Check out The Marlow Club’s top nutrition tips for six pack abs! Achieving six pack abs is a very committed process that requires a strict diet and exercise regime. However if you tidy up your diet and start focusing on some core movements in the months leading up to the summer you will see some… Read more »

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