We want to dismiss the rhetoric that health and fitness is dictated by weight, BMI, and body image but more about complete physical, mental and social wellness- enjoying life and creating a lifestyle that encourage this and one that is not restrictive but has balance… so that you can step away from the scales & eat the doughnut.

What does it mean?

Step away from the scales is us saying that we do not measure success by the number on the scales! We do not focus on the end result of weight, instead our focus is developing training plans that are enjoyable and rewarding; delivering education that allows you to develop a balance between the food you eat and the results you want, creating a way of eating that is not restrictive and focusing on your mental wellbeing just as much as your physical health.

How and Why?

Very, very early one morning in September, we decorated Marlow with giant doughnuts. It was fun, it got the town talking and wondering why these doughnuts had appeared! That evening, we held our hands up and explained the reason behind it before the big clear up and REAL doughnut hand out began!

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