Pool based fitness, yoga, high intensity interval training

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The Marlow Club are excited to announce the trial of a new pool based fitness class called Float Fit on 8th November at 11:15am.  We’re the first in the area to host this fitness class and we can’t wait to give it a go.

Float Fit is a 30 minute workout in the swimming pool using a float called an AquaBase.  This low impact class provides a fun full body workout with a mixture of high intensity and yoga inspired moves to suit all abilities. You core is continually engaged as you balance on the Aquabase so it is great for building strength.  Here are some other great benefits:

Top 5 Fitness benefits:

1. Coordinaton & Balance

The whole class is performed on an Aquabase water float so your coordination and balance skills are put to the test. Over time your core strength will improve which will help you balance throughout the class. We fully expect some wipeouts along the way!

2. Cardiovascular

Although low in impact this is a high intensity class helping to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

3. Increased Flexibilty

The class is in part a yoga inspired class so if you like yoga or want to increase your flexibility this may be a fitness class for you.

4. Enhanced Posture

Yoga poses and stretches throughout the class will help strengthen all the right muscles that help improve with posture.

5. Muscular Strength

This is a great class for building muscular strength as you have to use your core throughout the class to balance and perform the exercises.

10 lucky members have signed up to come and try this class for free and if we get good feedback it could become a permanent fixture on The Marlow Club class timetable. We will keep you updated with how the class went – I’m sure there will be some splashing stories!

Click here to see a video of the class in action!