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At The Marlow Club, we aim to ensure every member receives everything necessary to achieve their goals during their time with us! Our gym team offer an exclusively personal, made to measure programme for members to utilise whilst using the club’s facilities. Alongside the gym team, we have put together the finest team of trainers and coaches for our members to ensure maximum results! Our personal trainers cater for all levels of fitness and experience, incorporating a wide range of skills and areas of expertise to ensure you achieve the results you’re after.

Our PT team are on hand to help with;

  • Weight Management
  • Fat Loss
  • Increasing Strength
  • Biomechanics Coaching
  • Rehab from Injury or Illness
  • Flexibility
  • Corrective exercise for Posture
  • HIIT training
  • Olympic Lifting Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Group Training

If you’re not sure if personal training is for you, here are our top benefits for incorporating personal training into your weekly schedule;

  • Creates habits!
  • Personal trainers aren’t their just for the gym. They can help you establish a new, healthier lifestyle. Ensuring you are training right, eating right and recovering right are all areas a personal training can help you with.
  • Keeps you motivated!
  • One of the hardest aspects to training is staying motivated for long periods of time. Having a personal trainer will ensure you give you a reason to get down to the gym. If you miss a PT session, you’re not just letting yourself down!
  • Gets you the best results, fast.
  • We all know roughly what we’re doing in the gym, however having someone beside you who knows exactly what you need to do to get your results will definitely get you moving faster in the right direction.

Not sure where to start?
Drop our head PT, Olly Jones an email. Olly will be able to assist you in finding the right PT for you!

For more information on our team, check out our website!