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Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast might be forced to take a break from training from time to time, whether they are travelling, suffer an injury or have a long illness. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult at first, but here are some tips to start training again.

  • Be patient

Don’t expect to be hitting your PBs the first time you head into the gym after a break. Your fitness, strength and endurance will have declined slightly, so you need to be patient before you can achieve what you were doing before.

WebMD recommends starting at 50 per cent of your normal level and increasing by around ten per cent each week, taking care to warm up and cool down each time to avoid strains in your muscles.

  • Drop the weights

As well as going at a slower pace, it is important you do not expect to lift as heavy as you had been before, particularly if you suffered an injury.

It is wise to start lighter than you think and work up over a few weeks. According to Men’s Health, it is a good idea to start at 75 per cent of the weight after a back injury, incrementally increasing over time.

  • Look after yourself

If it has been a while since you have trained hard, remember to take care of your body. As well as warming up and cooling up, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness by stretching. It is also wise to drink plenty of water and refuel well, particularly with protein-rich foods.

By helping your body adjust to your new programme, you will be able to improve faster and hit the goals you want.

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