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Early in the mornings, the thought of putting away several coffees seems like a breeze, as does 3 or 4 drinks on a Friday night. Yet why does it seem like the impossible task when it comes to drinking enough water?  The amount of water we drink on a daily basis is fundamental to our overall health, mood and daily function. Staying hydrated plays an even greater part during the day as temperatures rise during these summer months. So why should you drink up and stay hydrated?

Improved energy levels and brain function! 

Even mild dehydration (between 1-3% of body weight) can impair brain function. It can affect our mood, memory and concentration. It can even increase the frequency of headaches. With correct hydration, we are capable of faster thinking, better memory and increased creativity.

Drinking water can improve weight loss!

When trying to lose weight, along with eating in a consistent calorie deficit, ensuring you maintain hydration levels throughout the day will help you along the way. Drinking water can decrease hunger, whilst keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Staying hydrated also boosts your metabolism. Drinking just 2 litres of water a day can also increase your overall calorie expenditure by 96 calories… That’s basically an extra KitKat!

Hydration improves overall performance!

We always try to make sure we are drinking plenty of fluids during sport. However on a daily basis, whether we’re working out in the gym or just have a busy day at work, staying hydrated will maintain energy levels until clocking off time. Dehydration can lead to early fatigue, lack of motivation and increase the difficulty of exercise, so keep sipping throughout the day. But is simple H20 enough? If you’re taking part in physical activity, it’s worth drinking some form of electrolyte drink that replenishes your cells with the nutrients lost through sweat. If you haven’t already, try our two week trial with Hydro+!

The best way to stay hydrated during the day is to associate drinking a glass of water with everyday tasks. For example, when you brush your teeth, have a coffee or finish an email, have a glass of water. If you can, always carry a bottle with you. Fill up in the morning and keep on it all day. You’ll notice how much better you feel! Try and aim for at least two litres of water during the day.