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We are very pleased to announce that The Marlow Club’s newly refurbished InsideOut area is now ready for action! The InsideOut fitness area has had a complete makeover with brand new features and equipment to maximise your fitness experience.

The range of new equipment includes a variety of kettle bells, slam balls, battle rope and sand bags to help you get the best from your HIIT workout. The equipment along with the brand new 3 lane 10m sprint track has made a great addition to the Inside Out’s usage.

We have upgraded our fitness class offering in InsideOut with classes available 7 days a week where our excellent gym staff will get you working hard through variations of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT combines both cardiovascular exercise and weight training through short, sharp, intense bursts, aiming to boost your metabolism through getting your heart rate high and the calories you burn even higher! It’s a fantastic way to get results faster – here are just some of the benefits of HIIT…

  1. It’s efficient
  2. You’ll burn more fat
  3. You’ll build a healthier heart
  4. You can do them with or without equipment
  5. You lose weight not muscle
  6. You’ll increase your metabolism
  7. You can do it anywhere
  8. It’s seriously challenging – but fun!

The classes will focus on using exercises to improve functional fitness resulting in reduced injury risks and ease of performing daily activities.

Click here to view our full class timetable and get booked in today.

Trust us you’ll love it…