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Fancy working your lower abs?

With individuals schedule, it is becoming more difficult to find time to exercise. If you’re somebody who would like to concentrate on your belly, there are many lower abdominal workout routines that you could do at home anytime you want and at the gym. Lucky for you abdominal exercises that you could do in the fitness center or at home are very efficient to lose the fat around your belly.

Bear in mind that to be capable to lose that extra weight you want, you’ll have to eat a healthful and well balanced meals and create a calorie deficit. When doing abdominal exercises at home, you can take advantage of equilibrium ball and a fitness mat to help create your workout routines more effective.

Heel Tap

Lie faceup, hands under your butt, knees bent, feet lifted into table top position. Slowly lower your flexed feet forward until your heels barely touch the ground. Squeeze your abdominals to help raise your feet back up to table top.

Straight Leg Raise

From a faceup position on the floor, place hands under your low back and brace your core. Lift straight legs slowly off the ground, bringing them to 90-degrees, then slowly lower them back to the ground. If you have any pain in your lower back, do not do this move.

Roll Up

Lie faceup, with legs extended, knees together, feet flexed, arms overhead. Take a big inhale. As you exhale, lift arms up and forward, and use your abs to slowly roll up to a sitting position. Squeezing abs again, slowly lower down to starting position.

Speak to a member of The Marlow Club gym team when you are next in to get some more ideas on lower ab workouts you can try.