Joining FAQs

How much is membership?
Membership fees at The Marlow Club differ depending on the hours of which you use the club. The best route forward is to call one of our membership team and they can help you decide which membership is most suitable and works for you.
How do I join?
In order to become a member of The Marlow Club all you need do is give us a ring and we can arrange it all on the phone for you prior to your arrival. Or pop in and do it in person
How long do I have to sign up for?
We offer a wide range of membership terms and contracts to suit all, and we can discuss the most suitable with you in person or on the phone
How can members pay for their membership?
We offer monthly memberships collected by direct debit at the beginning of each month, or you can pay for 12 months in advance in a lump sum

Club FAQs

Do you offer club parking?
We offer two car parks here at The Marlow Club
When is my club open?
We are open 6:00-21:30 Monday to Friday and 8:00-18:30 at the weekends. (Hours may differ for bank holidays, Easter and Christmas)
What should I wear?
Flexible fitted clothes where possible will suit the environment best as loose clothes can get caught in the equipment. Comfortable supportive shoes (trainers) are highly recommended for training in
Are there lockers available?
Yes we do offer lockers in the changing rooms and more security lockers out in the reception area also

Health & Fitness FAQs

Will I be shown how to use the gym?
We will offer you a series of inductions to the gym during the first few months of membership to help you get used to the club and all we have to offer and to help make the best of the environment
Will I receive a gym programme?
All of our members are welcome to a gym programme on request and you will be offered this on joining also
How often should I exercise?
Everybody is different! As a general point of reference 2,3 times a week on average is strongly recommended by the health and fitness experts. More experienced gym users may use the club more often
I've never tried a group exercise class before, do I need to book?
Our classes are all pre-bookable on our TMC app, the instructor will help you with any questions you might have.
Do you offer personal training sessions?
Yes we do offer personal training here at The Marlow Club. In fact we pride ourselves on offering some of the most experienced and highly qualified personal trainers and coaches in the South East Call our Membership Team on 01628 475709 for more details