Enhance your training

Give your training a boost by completing your FREE 1-2-1 enhancer sessions as part of your Marlow Club membership with our Gym Team.

Made to Measure Enhancers:

  • Boxing pad work 
    • A great fun way to introduce cardio into your workouts. This session focuses on your technique with the gloves, accumulating power  as well as improving your reflexes and defense.
  • TRX training 
    • Using the elements of suspension in your session. Allows you to get a full workout relying on using your own body weight for resistance. Low impact and back to basics. A fun and varied set of exercises to included in your HIIT training.
  • Kettlebell training
    • A great and functional workout, hitting all the muscle groups and exercises often included in circuits/HIIT. Learn to build confidence in compound movements and free weights; an easy intro to weight lifting.
  • Big 4 compounds
    • A full hour coaching you through the main compound lifts. This full body session will see you through correct movement and technique, as well as guide you with your starting weights. A great check in if you have been lifting a while but are afraid you’ve picked up bad habits. The fundamentals of any training programme.
  • Nutrition consultation
    • A chat through your current lifestyle and eating habits to help you understand your energy balance. Explaining calories in VS calories out, as well as the relevance of macros in your diet. Suggestions of slight changes that can be made in order to achieve your goals.
  • Movement analysis 
    • A study of your movement patterns when performing the fundamental movements of the body; hip hinge, squat and pressing. A focus on joint mobility and muscle flexibility to determine weakness or areas to focus your workout upon, as well as areas of strength.
  • Personalised HIIT programme
    • A series of exercises performed with little to no rest in between. High Intensity Interval Training is a way of introducing cardio to your sessions. whilst keeping it varied interesting Also a great intro into what our InsideOut classes have to offer.
  • Recovery
    • Coaching you through the most effective way of lengthening your muscles after a gym session. Here we focus on trigger pointing using a foam roller as well as increasing flexibility of the muscles.
  • Wattbike
    • Introducing you to the closest piece of kit to a road cycle. Learn how to get set up on the bike and which tests to begin with to increase your watts (power) whilst cycling. Follow pre-programme sessions and track progress via the Wattbike app.
  • Body building programming
    • A talk through your current workout split and a suggestion on how to divide muscle groups during your weekly workouts. Introducing you to new exercises based around building maximum strength and increasing muscle mass.
  • Olympic lifting
    • An athletic discipline often used within cross fit training. Full body movements incorporating barbell exercises. Includes the likes of Clean, Jerk and Snatch. A great way to change up your current compound lifting routine.
  • Core
    • One of the most essential muscle groups to help develop strength, maintain correct posture and reduce the risk of injury. A 30 minute session aimed at strengthening your core muscles and learning to activate them through correct movements.