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Most of us have heard about Pilates, but how many of us actually know what it is and why it’s so good for us? Through a series of precise & controlled exercises; Pilates offers a full body workout with the goal to improve core strength, flexibility and posture. Classes embed a connection between the mind and body, with a strong emphasis on breathing control and relaxation.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should incorporate Pilates into your weekly routine!

1.  Improves posture through core strength and stability

Having poor posture can lead to the development of other physical ailments causing muscle and joint pain. Making adjustments to your posture early is far better than seeking therapy later down the line due to neglecting the fundamental issues!

2. Low impact, Low risk

Pilates, being predominantly floor based means the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Controlled movements build strength and mobility contributing to injury prevention whilst building a relationship between the mind and body.

3. Narrows your focus

Pilates requires focus to be on your breathing, body and movements. Take the time during the class to relax! It’s time dedicated for you to focus, enjoy it!

Jon Williams, Chief Operating Officer at The Marlow Club says:

“The addition of this purpose-built Pila Yoga studio will create a facility unlike anything else on offer in the Southern Counties. The studio will have its own dedicated entrance and will incorporate a tranquil waiting area, enabling members to gather and wait in comfort before the start of their class”. Click here for more information about the refurbishment!

Pilates is for everyone. Whatever your age, body type or fitness level. If you’re looking for improvements in fitness, well being, pre/postnatal support or injury rehabilitation. Pilates at The Marlow Club is perfect for you!