Partner Work Out

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When it comes to trying to enhance your workout experience, there aren’t many better additions to a workout that will turn it from a good workout into a great workout, unlike training with a partner.  Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should train with a partner in 2018!


  1. Partner Motivation

One of the most important aspects of any fitness regime is to stay motivated throughout! We all have low moments in our fitness training and miss the odd day or two, it’s okay to give yourself a break. However, when you’ve got someone to turn up for and also someone to rely on, you’re more likely to attend those 50/50 sessions. Encourage each other through every workout, it’ll become easy once you’re in that routine.

  1. Healthy competition is good competition!

Having someone who on a daily basis is going to push you to achieve your best is going to be a good addition to your training. Find someone who has similar goals to you and who will keep you on your toes. Keep your fitness fun and keep it safe, enjoy pushing each other!

  1. Form Check

Most gyms have mirrors that help you correct and focus on your form, however looking at yourself whilst doing a movement, might not be helping your form in the first place! Having a partner will allow you to focus on the movement and let your partner assess your form. Give each other pointers and areas to focus on. Having a partner is also great for safety too. If you’re lifting weights slightly heavier than normal, have your partner spot you during the movement to prevent you from getting stuck or hurting yourself!

  1. Keep it fresh!

A training partner will bring in loads of new ideas and exercises for you to try out. You might end up doing something you’ve never done before, or some exercises you don’t like doing normally! Either way, this will help prevent you from getting too comfortable within a gym programme and prevent plateauing during your workouts.

  1. Up the tempo!

We can all be guilty of taking to larger breaks between our working sets or exercise, going onto our phones, catching our breath! Whilst training with a partner it’s much easier to up the tempo. You rest whilst they work, work simultaneously during a circuit. This will help as it starts to get harder!


The Marlow Club is a really friendly health club to workout and we enjoy lots of social member events. If you’re looking for a workout buddy, come along and I’m sure we’ll be able to pair you up with someone to help keep you motivated.