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Summer is over and you’ve got the blues and what better way to get over them than to get energised and back into shape. Olly Jones one of our expert Personal Trainers has put together 5 fitness motivational tips  to inspire you to get started.

  1. Schedule– Plan  ahead and schedule time in your life to concentrate on you and your training regime.
  2. Find a workout buddy– we all have days when we are feeling lethargic, and lazy. If you have scheduled to train with a friend you are 89% more likely to make the effort and exercise.
  3. Track your gym progress– Tracking your exercise in terms of the types of exercise you are doing and the results you are achieving will aid in your motivation to keep going. This could be workout duration, calories burnt or steps completed. There are lots of ways to track your progress such as a Fitbit, myzone belt, or even your smart phone. Taking measurements or a photograph every 2/4 weeks can also be a great way of seeing how your body is changing.
  4. Look the part– get yourself a new outfit for the gym, everyone feels better with a new pair of trainers, or joggers on!
  5. Vary your fitness workout – and change it up regularly. The best way to keep improving your fitness, and help your body change, is to mix up the way in which you train. If your body gets used to legs on a Monday, it will become easier and easier to complete the same workout and after a while you will stop seeing results. This tends to lead to a lack of motivation which almost certainly leads to a gap in exercise. To protect yourself from this slippery slope we recommend researching new exercise trends, trying new classes, and surprising your body with something new regularly.

We want to help you get back into exercise after the summer. I hope these 5 tips are useful!”