Outdoor fitness area at The Marlow Club as part of the Fitness Fest weekend

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With many of us working long, busy days, when we make time to get down to the gym, we want to make sure we are optimising our time and getting the most out of our training. Should we spend our time lifting in the weights room or stick to the cardio equipment for that big sweat? If you’re sat on the fence about weights or cardio, hopefully this short blog will help!

If you’re looking to get in shape and shed some fat, the most important component to get right before you even step in the gym is your diet. Make sure you’re in a Consistent Calorie Deficit (burning more calories than you consume) and drinking plenty of water. Once your diet is in-line you will naturally start to lose weight. Check out our nutrition tips to get started!

Weight Training Advantages

Lifting weights builds muscle, which in the long term, increases your overall calorie burn as the maintenance of muscle burns more calories than fat.

Weight training can boost metabolism following your workout meaning you’ll continue to burn more calories, even when you’re not exercising! This is sometimes called  ‘The After-burn’.

Muscle is the deciding factor in how you look. For both men and women, looking good is the reason most of us go to the gym. Ladies, putting muscle on won’t make you look bulky, it’ll be difficult to get bulky due to your genetic make-up. Lifting weight will give you greater definition in areas like your legs, bum and stomach.

Cardio Advantages

Cardio is highly beneficial in the terms of your physical health. Most importantly making sure you have a healthy heart, strengthening your it’s muscles so they’re able to manage greater physical stresses.

Cardio is also said to improve hormonal regulation, releasing ‘good hormones’ that reduce stress and improve overall health.

When considering weight loss and changing your body shape, cardio should be used to increase your calorie burn throughout the day, creating a negative energy balance. If you don’t enjoy spending time doing cardio to burn calories, consider the number of calories you consume. Find a happy balance between doing cardio and restricting calories. Remember, it’s all about sustainability!

When you start looking into choosing weights or cardio, weight training will always come out on top.

However, the most important factor to consider when training is the enjoyment you get from it. Do something that you find enjoyable, something you happily dedicate your limited time to! Don’t go lifting weights if you find it boring. If you enjoy running, stick your trainers on and hit the road! Enjoying what you do will be the key to your success during your fitness journey.

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